JJ Hats Inc. is a young company.

We were registered July 7, 2023,
in the State of New York, New York county.

At the same time, JJ Hats Inc. is in very old company.

  • Our owners share combined experiences of 70+ years in the headwear industry
  • One sister company goes back to 1913, 110+ years of success
  • Our JJ Hat Center was established in 1911, a legacy

We consider ourselves custodians of brands, labels, and companies.

While young, JJ hats Inc. is very much Old-School.

And as NYers we operate at “NY Speed”.


We are:

Hat Makers

Two European sister companies are manufacturers of headwear.

And in the JJ Hat Center workshop we make hats.

(Our hat maker was granted sick leave until further notice.)

Hat Importers

Besides importing headwear from our sister companies, we are sourcing headwear from long time partner companies around the globe.

Hat Stores

Our sister companies are operating, as well as licensing, mono-brand and multi-brand stores in Europe.

Our 1st store in North America is JJ Hat Center®.

We will operate/license a maximum of eight (8) to twelve (12) stores in North America.