Brands & Labels

Following, please find a few brands and labels we specially care about,

in alphabetical order:


Expect to be surprised.



Perhaps the best label for berets, Basque headwear

Barascon is in demand very much. JJ Hat Center has it on re-order:



Fedoras, dress hats, a classic

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JJ Hats

This is a new standard:

+ exclusively at JJ Hat Center, in-store & online

+ designed by the best headwear professionals

+ Made to highest European standards

Well over 100 years of experience go into the collection.

We are aiming to make JJ Hats the best premium,
high quality, headwear in the market.



The 504, Samuel L. Jackson made it famous, wearing it backwards

Kangol at JJ Hat Center



The classic cowboy hat, and so much more.

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