June 2024

The team at JJ Hat Center had an exceptional month, the 2nd best so far.

The JJ Hats collection is performing very well.

Thank you to all customers, our suppliers, and the team for its effort.


Summer Season

The JJ Hats Collection Summer 2024 is well received at JJ Hat Center.

Thank you to the whole team for its efforts and dedication.

JJ Hats

JJ Hats launched April 23, 2024.

This is a new standard:

+ exclusively at JJ Hat Center in-store

+ designed by the best headwear professionals

+ Made to highest European standards

Well over 100 years of experience go into the collection.

We are aiming to make JJ Hats the best premium,
high quality headwear in the market.



We are looking for a National Wholesale Manager for two collections.

S/he will be serving existing customers, specialty retail stores, as well as opening new accounts.

If you are interested, or know someone who is, please send us an email.

Leap Year Day – Leaping forward

JJ Hats Inc. and JJ Hat Center are leaping forward on leap day.

We welcome the first store licensee of JJ Hat Center®.

Priyanka Kothari will be licensing, and running the JJ Hat Center NYC.

She comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She has been a successful entrepreneur before. She will succeed again.

Priyanka Kothari and her family have our full support, in each and every way.

JJ Hat Center, NY, where ever it may be located in the beautiful city of New York, is a family owned, family run business. Like it was, and should be.

In the name of Priyanka Kothari and her family, we thank all visitors and customers, new and old.


At JJ Hat Center, a team member in his 70s decided to enter the well deserved retirement.

Although he was with the company a few months only, and working part time, he received a retirement, farewell present.

We wish him a joyous, healthy, peaceful retirement, and a wonderful time with his family.

His picture will stay with us, to honor his memory and service.

1st short fiscal year

We ended the first, short fiscal year.

During the 1st week of January we decided on a bonus for team members.

And we raised payroll in accordance with the new minimum wages as of January 1, 2024.

As of immediately, everyone at JJ Hat Center is paid above minimum wages.


For visitors of JJ Hats Inc. to see, we changed the previously empty mezzanine wall.

These are printouts of recent online reviews at Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc., and photos of some team members.

We like to honor the team for its accomplishments.


New Store Sign

Our JJ Hat Center at 310 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10001 received a new store sign

in the very early hours of January 3rd, 2024.

Thank you to Matt Hemation, of IHA Construction, and GOING Sign & Servicing.

Credit to Townsend for the pictures


On target – within margin of error

Happy New Year!

JJ Hat Center ended December 2023 within the margin of error on target.

Thank you to all patrons, new and old. It was a busy month.

And thank you to the very dedicated team. Often they went home slightly exhausted, and deeply satisfied with the accomplishments.

We are looking forward to a year full of improvements, upgrades, and exciting new goods.

The first improvement to come January 3rd.